Monday, December 21, 2009

Jasmine de la Torre's Court Solidarity

Jasmine De La Torre, a local animal rights activist was subpoenaed to appear in court due to false accusations of assault, stalking, slander, and vandalism on Monday December 21st, 2009. Three members of IMPACT! were in attendance Nissar Ahmed, Christine Grimaldi, and Lupita Esther including two members of the October 22nd Coalition, Edgar Avila and Maggie Coshnear. Jasmine's mother and about 6 other friends and allies of Jasmine were in attendance as well.

Jasmine was placed a restraining order with rules that say she cannot be within 500 feet of Cyrus Restaurant, the owner, the owner's wife or his property which include his house and car.

Jasmine was legally demonstrating in front of Cyrus Restaurant (Healdsburg, CA) passing out literature which were in two neat stacks in front of signs not on restaurant property. She was informing the public about foie gras production through a megaphone and chanting. A group of eight chefs came out and swept the leaflets into the sidewalk, then began sweeping them into a large garbage bag. She was yelling at them asking them to stop. As she was picking them up they began hitting her with the brush side of the broom. She was yelling at them saying, "This is assault stop it!" One of the chefs then responded, "You want to trash my restaurant this means war!"

Trying to bring attention to what they were doing she spoke through the megaphone "You are a horrible person!" She grabbed the garbage bag full of leaflets from the chefs. The chefs claimed that Jasmine was the one who threw the leaflets on the sidewalk. She received blows to the shoulder and face.

She was arrested by the police for assault, stalking, slander, and vandalism. She was held in a holding cell for an hour and then released to her parents.

Her next court date is at 9:00 on Monday December 28th, 2009 at the Sonoma Civil Courthouse in Santa Rosa. The address is:

#18 3055 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

Anyone interested being present in solidarity of our comrade, Jasmine de la Torre please let us know as well as anyone interested in organizing carpools if needed. Thank you!

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