Thursday, January 7, 2010

Laura Coulter on the anti-immigration protest!

On the Saturday before Christmas 2009 I was with my daughter enjoying the downtown Petaluma holiday cheer and doing some shopping for gifts. About eight White Supremacists were blocking Water Street with a large banner that read "Stop Immigration". I immediately stood in front of the banner and called the Petaluma police from my cell phone to notify them that there was a group of protesters blocking foot and car traffic on Water Street. The owner of the Water Street Bistro was also standing near the neo-Natzi men who were holding the banner and she was voicing her displeasure with the protester and their presence out side of her cafe. I told the White Supremacists they could not block the street and walked though their banner several times to demonstrate the fact that they were in my way. This prompted one of the White Supremacists to shove me and repeatedly call me a "bitch". I did not get into any discussion with these racists on the topic of immigration or their stance on white supremacy, but I did observe the reaction of several people who seemed shocked at being lectured in passing about how white men need to take control of America. I also noted that the Petaluma police arrived an hour after my call and asked the neo-Natzis to move to out of the way of foot and car traffic.


  1. I don't know if I would have done that, you are a very brave woman and after the shaking I'm sure your daughter will always be proud of you. Be careful