Friday, April 2, 2010

April 10th Mass Meeting of Students and Young People!

The April 10 mass meeting of students and young people is fast approaching and we have been letting as many people know about this as we can. So far we have:
-Handed out over 1,000 flyers
-Invited approximately 1700 people through Facebook and sent out hundreds of emails
-Talked to several college and high school classrooms
-Got press coverage in Napa, Vallejo, and Santa Rosa
-gathered hundreds of contacts from dozens of campus clubs and organizations around the north bay
-Set up a facebook event for inviting people. Visit it here to invite your friends:!/event.php?eid=106123422750271&ref=ts

But we are not done yet. If you can help us with outreach, or know any one that would like to help, please contact us! Schools we are either continuing outreach to, or looking to contact, include: Casa Grande, Petaluma High, SSU, SRJC, Napa Valley, Analy, Ursuline, SR High, R.U.P., Rancho Cotati, Windsor, Healdsburg high, Maria Carrillo.

Also, if you know of any additional schools or youth organizations that we, or you, could contact, please let us know! We have fliers available for distribution, email for PDF's.

IMPORTANT!- We need to organize carpools and rides for a lot of people! Please email us if you have room in your vehicle for people from Santa Rosa or Petaluma!
As this meeting is for all of us young people and students, we are gathering as much information as we can on what each of us individually want so we can address that collectively at the meeting. The meeting agenda is going look something like this:

Introductions: Meet the rest of the youth around the North Bay and here about what other clubs and organizations are up to.
Proposal: We are proposing that all young people and students of the North Bay come together in a coalition that will organize to defend public education and fight for social justice.
Small Group discussion: We will break up into small groups and discuss this proposal. This is where everyone will get a chance to share their thoughts and include their ideas into this proposal.
Future Actions: We will come back together as a big group, report on what we talked about in the small group, discuss future actions, the next meeting, and what we are going to do with this massive coalition!
Closing: Party?

Clubs/Groups/Organizations: You are encouraged to bring pamphlets and information on your organization as well as information on your upcoming events for everyone.

Coalition Questions:
If you have time, the more feedback we get from people the smoother we can make this meeting run. Fill out and email this questionnaire to today!
What would you like this coalition to focus on? If you could choose 2 or 3 issues for a youth coalition to focus on, what would they be?
What should the goal of the coalition be?
What should the responsibilities be for those who want to join the coalition?
What are some possible names for the coalition?

Thank you all for coming out!
-The as of yet unnamed North Bay Coalition of Youth and Students

Current list of clubs, groups and organizations endorsing the meeting and coalition:
IMPACT! (Petaluma), MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) (National network with several North Bay chapters), Free Mind Media (Santa Rosa), Zero Campaign (Petaluma), Students for a Democratic Society (National network with Napa Valley College chapter), The Northbay Uprising Radio Show (, Students for Quality Education (National network with Sonoma State University chapter).

-If your club, group or organization endorses this meeting and coalition and would like to be on the list, email